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Figure Skating

Our figure skating program offers skaters the ability to take their talent to the next level. The Pettit Center’s figure skate training program features daily rink ice sessions and Off-ice classes. Note: all schedules are subject to change.

Rink Ice On-Ice Sessions

  • $7 per 30min contracted
  • $8 per 30min walk up- subject to availability
  • All schedules are subject to change

Online contract ice closes at 1:00pm CT the FRIDAY before the week you are buying. Ex: If you are buying ice for the week of October 5th, you must be purchased by Friday October 2nd at 1:00pm. Questions? Please contact Mackenzie Neuendorf at


Every week there are open figure skating training sessions at the Pettit Center. Work on your next routine, gain instruction from a coach or just skate for fun during a Rink Ice Session.


June 2024 Rink Ice (As of 2/13/24)

July 2024 Rink Ice (As of 6/13/24)

August 2024 Rink Ice (As of 5/17/24)



Rules & Regulations

Local Coaches


To participate in these High On-Ice Sessions, the athlete must: Skater must be Novice or higher freestyle test OR Pre-Gold dance or higher OR Junior moves or higher.


May 2024 High Ice (As of 4/9/24)


Clubs in the Area

The Pettit Center the home rink of the Wisconsin Figure Skating Club and its synchronized skating team, the Wisconsin Edge.
Home Rink

Wisconsin Figure Skating Club

The Wisconsin Figure Skating Club is one of the oldest and most respected skating clubs in Wisconsin. The club supports amateur figure skating at all levels (from Learn-to-Skate through Senior levels) and in all disciplines (Freestyle, Dance, Synchro, Figures).

Synchronized Skating

Wisconsin Edge

Synchronized Skating is the only team discipline in figure skating. Wisconsin Edge began with one team in 1985 founder and coach Jon Sorkan. Within a short period of time, The Wisconsin Edge gained national recognition when the teams moved to the Pettit National Ice Center.