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The Pettit Center Team

Not well-understood beyond its Olympic profile, the Pettit National Ice Center is truly an extraordinary source of well-being for the Milwaukee community. The Center is uniquely positioned to foster the health and wellness of participants in its recreational and competitive programs.


General Manager
Paul Golomski 414-935-4774

Director of Marketing (Media Contact)
Kevin Butler 414-935-4778

Director of Customer Operations
Mike Araco 414-935-4776

Director of Facility Maintenance
Terry Johnson 414-935-4784

Skating School Coordinator
Mackenzie Neuendorf 414-935-4779

Manager of Customer Operations
Joana Lozano 414-935-4771

Director of Speedskating
Carolyn Spiewak 414-935-4770

Office Supervisor
Amber Zamiatowski 414-935-4781

Lead Custodian
Pamela Hardy

Ice Maintenance Supervisor 
Josh Schneider

Board of Directors

Charles Henderson, Partner/Attorney, Davis & Kuelthau SC – Chair/President

Bonnie Blair Cruikshank, 5-time Olympic Gold Medalist – Vice Chair

D. Patrick O’Brien, President, Milwaukee Redevelopment Corporation – Vice President

Michael Lindemann, Managing Director-Investment Banking, Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc. – Treasurer

Sean Bosack, Partner/Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn SC

Craig Schiefelbein, Chief Executive Officer, Observation Tower LLC

Ben Holbrook, Managing Director, Mason Wells- Secretary