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Public Skating

Public Skate Fees

  • Adult (18-61) – $9.00
  • Senior (62 and Older) – $8.00
  • Teen (13-17) – $8.00
  • Youth (4-12)- $7.00
  • Children 3 and Under- Free
  • Skate Rental – $4.50 (Sizes Available: 6T- 15 Men’s Hockey or Figure Skates)
  • Skate Helper- $5 (Details below)

***The last public skating admission will be sold 45min prior to session ending time (ex. Session ends at 9pm, you must purchase by 8:15pm)***

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Skate Helper

$5- Subject to availability

Skate Aids are designed for use by novice and beginner skaters only. Skaters who are capable of standing and skating unassisted are not recommended to use skate aids

Those using Skate Aids must use caution to avoid running into other skaters on the ice

If a skater using a Skate Aid is determined to be using it in an unsafe manner, a supervisor or ice monitor will remove the skate aid from the skater for the remainder of the session without a refund

Skate aids may also be paid for using cash/cc/check at the front ticket office or a credit card only at the skate aid rental area. All skate aids must be redeemed by issuing a copy of your sales receipt to the Pettit staff member in the skate aid rental area.

Collateral in the form of a set of keys or an ID must be taken to ensure the skate aid is returned to the rental area

Pettit Center management reserves the right to withhold renting skate aids during public sessions that become too busy to use them safely

Skate more and save

Public Skating 10 Pack

  • Adult (18-61) – $81.00
  • Senior (62 and Older) – $72.00
  • Teen (13-17)- $72.00
  • Youth (4-12) – $63.00
  • Pricing INCLUDES WI Sales Tax

10 Packs are Non-Transferable and valid only for the person who’s name is on the account card.