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Ages 4-5

Snowplow Sam

This program is a progression of four classes designed to teach the fundamentals of skating to children with little or no skating experience. Skaters will learn basic balance and skating skills in an age appropriate and fun environment.

Some of the skills you will learn:

Snowplow Sam 1

Sit and stand with skates on, Marching & gliding on two feet

Snowplow Sam 2

Dip while moving, Backward wiggles, Forward swizzles

Snowplow Sam 3

Forward one-foot glide, Backward swizzles, Moving forward snowplow stop

Snowplow Sam 4

Backward two-foot glide, Rocking horse, Two-foot turns

2023-24 Class Schedule

Thursday’s (No Class 4/25-4/28)
April 4, 2024May 16, 2024
Sunday’s (No Class 4/25-4/28)
April 7, 2024May 19, 2024
3:15pm-3:55pm (1 Only)
Sunday’s (No Class 4/25-4/28)
April 7, 2024May 19, 2024
4:30pm-5:10pm (2-4 Only)
Thursday’s (No Class 7/4 & 7/11)
June 6, 2024July 25, 2024

Details for 2023-24 Class Schedule

  • Ages 4-5
  • $24 skate rental (if needed)
  • $99 per six week session

20 Min of Exclusive Practice Time Follows Each Class Time…. Online registration will close at 12pm the day before each day’s first class. (Example: Saturday classes close on Friday at 12pm). ALL registrations must be completed online. No on site registration is available.