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Ages 6 & Up

Learn to Speed Skate

If you have ever wanted find out what it’s like to fly around the Pettit Center Olympic Oval, a speed skating class is for you. Speed skating can be enjoyed at any age – youth, teen or adult. The Skating School at the Pettit offers the premier speed skating program for those who are comfortable with the basic skills of ice skating and want to go FAST on the ice!

Speed Skating 1

  • Fall down and get back up
  • March forward
  • Forward two-foot glide
  • Forward swizzles (4-6 in a row)
  • Snowplow stop
  • Stationary basic position

Speed Skating 2

(Basic Position)
  • Glide in basic position
  • Two-foot up-downs
  • March in basic position
  • Forward one foot glide
  • Backward swizzles (2-4 in a row)
  • Backward two-foot glide

Speed Skating 3

(The Straightaway Push)
  • Arm swing
  • Speed skating start position
  • Beginning speed skating start
  • Two-foot glide around corner in basic position, clockwise & counterclockwise
  • Two-foot slalom
  • One-foot glide in a straight line in speed skating position (right & left leg)

Speed Skating 4

  • Corner side extension
  • Slaloms with outside edges
  • Corner right leg hold
  • Right leg corner push around circle
  • Left leg corner push around circle
  • Beginning crossovers

Speed Skating 5

(The Crossover)
  • Sculling
  • Alignment (nose, knee, toe)
  • Skating stride with recovery
  • Push down
  • 1 lap time trial in basic position
  • Crossovers (4-6 in a row)

Speed Skating 6

(Advanced Technique)
  • Accelerate and skate one lap
  • Skate 100m in 17 seconds
  • One-foot slalom (right & left leg)
  • One leg up-downs
  • Corner up-downs (right & left leg)
  • Rhythm and timing

Speed Skating Bridge

(Bridge to Local Club)

Cost – $259 Includes: 6-weeks of Learn to Speed Skate ($99), Speed skate rental ($24), 6 admissions to pack sessions with coaching with the Wisconsin Speed Skating Club ($131), Insurance with US Speedskating ($5)

  • transition step between Learn to Speed Skate and US Speedskating Clubs. Must have completed Level 5
  • higher volume and intensity practices
  • accelerated technical skill acquisition
  • emphasis on building muscular strength, endurance and physical fitness

2024-25 Class Schedule

September 19, 2024October 24, 2024
6:15pm-6:55pm (1-3 ONLY)
September 24, 2024October 29, 2024
November 5, 2024December 17, 2024
November 7, 2024December 19, 2024
6:15pm-6:55pm (1-3 ONLY)
January 7, 2025February 18, 2025
January 9, 2025February 20, 2025
6:15pm-6:55pm (1-3 ONLY)

Details for 2024-25 Class Schedule

  • Ages 6 & Up
  • $24 Skate Rental (optional)
  • $99 per Six Week Session

20 Min of Exclusive Practice Time Follows Each Class Time…. Online registration will close at 12pm the day before each day’s first class. (Example: Saturday classes close on Friday at 12pm). ALL registrations must be completed online. No on site registration is available.